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Wholesale Tumblestones

Jennie's Gems is a friendly, family-run business and innovative wholesalers. Listed below is our wholesale Tumblestones price list. The Tumblestones are price by the kilo but there is no need to buy a kilo. Our minimum order for the Tumblestones is 250grams or 10 of each crystal type. All of our crystals are hand-selected by us to ensure the highest quality.

Please Note - there is no VAT to pay. All wholesale orders are sent via our courier service and wholesale shipping starts from as little as £6.00 for the UK mainland.

If you would like to place an order please contact us for a quote on your requirements.

If you would like to apply for a copy of our full wholesale catalogue including all the crystals we offer please complete our enquiry form or call us on 01233 840020. If you have any question regarding our products or require more information please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always willing to help.


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Tumblestones:- Price per Kg

Minimum order quantity 250grams or 10 of each crystal type

Sizes Description £/1Kg
M-L-XL Agate Blue Lace  £14.50
M-L-XL Agate Tree £12.50
M-L-XL Amazonite £18.00
M-L-XL Amegreen  £30.00
M-L-XL Amethyst  £18.00
M-L-XL Angelite £40.00
M-L-XL Apatite Blue £45.00
M-L-XL Aquamarine £40.00
M-L-XL Aventurine Green £10.00
M-L-XL Aventurine Peach £12.50
M-L-XL Aventurine Yellow £12.50
M-L-XL Aventurine White £10.00
M-L-XL Bloodstone £14.00
M-L-XL Calcite Blue £22.00
M-L-XL Calcite Yellow £22.00
M-L-XL Calcite Orange £22.00
M-L-XL Carnelian - Botswana £18.00
M-L-XL Carnelian - Uruguay £12.50
M-L-XL Chrysoprase  £24.00
M-L-XL Citrine  £22.00
M-L-XL Dumortierite  £17.00
M-L-XL Emerald  £40.00
M-L-XL Fluorite Mixed £23.00
M-L-XL Goldstone Blue £21.00
M-L-XL Hematite £14.00
M-L-XL Howlite Blue £10.00
M-L-XL Howlite White £10.00
M-L-XL Jade  £25.00
M-L-XL Jasper Dalmation £10.00
M-L-XL Jasper Ocean / Orbicular £32.00
M-L-XL Jasper Red £10.00
M-L-XL Jasper Yellow £11.00
M-L-XL Kyanite £70.00
M-L-XL Labradorite £22.00
M-L-XL Lapis Lazuli  £30.00
M-L-XL Lepidolite £20.00
M-L-XL Malachite £30.00
M-L-XL Mookaite  £12.50
M-L-XL Moonstone Rainbow £35.00
M-L-XL Moonstone  £17.00
M-L-XL Obsidian £12.50
M-L-XL Obsidian Sheen £12.50
M-L-XL Obsidian Snowflake £12.50
M-L-XL Onyx £12.50
M-L-XL Petrified Wood £11.00
M-L-XL Pietersite £68.00
M-L-XL Quartz  £24.00
M-L-XL Quartz Rose  £10.00
M-L-XL Quartz Rutilated  £28.00
M-L-XL Quartz Smokey  £12.00
M-L-XL Quartz Snow £10.50
M-L-XL Quartz Strawberry £12.50
M-L-XL Rhodonite Madagascar £17.00
M-L-XL Rock Crystal  £10.00
M-L-XL Ruby in Zoisite £35.00
M-L-XL Shattuckite  £30.00
M-L-XL Sodalite  £16.00
M-L-XL Sunstone  £24.00
M-L-XL Tiger Iron £12.50
M-L-XL Tiger Eye Gold £14.00
M-L-XL Tiger Blue £14.00
M-L-XL Tiger Eye Red £14.00
M-L-XL Turqurenite £12.50
M-L-XL Unakite £10.00
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